Scrap Metal

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Making it easy

At Premier Metal and Waste we specialise in the purchase of all non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminium, lead and many more.

We aim to recycle for the secondary market 100% of all metal materials that pass through our scales. We aim to unload and get all our customers on their way in the quickest possible time ensuring you never have to queue when visiting us.

What happens when you visit us?:

  • A typical visit to site will entail you being met by one of our weigh men at the door who will oversee your unloading from start to finish.
  • Once your metals have been separated into the highest possible grades by our experienced team we will then weigh all metals in front of you in a transparent and accurate manner.
  • Upon completion of the weigh in your weights docket will be passed to the office that will use that days prices in line with the London Metal exchange to price your ticket and pay you out accordingly.
  • Once this has been completed you will receive a breakdown of all your materials in a receipt and clearly stated prices.

**Please note if it is the first visit to us you will need a photo I.D to be served in accordance of the scrap metal dealers’ act. Acceptable photo I.D is either a photo Driving Licence or an in date passport with a utility bill dated within the last 3 months**

Our payment methods we offer are same day BACS transfers or we can issue you a cheque on the spot dependant on your preference.